President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

Stories of Note

Bytes from the digital world

Opposition councillors are furious at having been edited out of eThekwini’s 2018 calendar. But who wants a calendar with a group of politicians in any case?

Author Michael Wolff has painted an interesting word portrait of US President Donald Trump. "Few people who knew Trump had illusions about him. That was his appeal: he was what he was. Twinkle in his eye, larceny in his soul. Everybody in his rich-guy social circle knew about his wide-ranging ignorance."

In My Opinion

Matters of debate

Peter Bruce says Parliament may just have to grin and bear the embarrassment of being addressed again by Zuma when the institution opens in February, but it could then quickly get its revenge by passing a vote of no confidence in him.

Phillip Dexter says Cyril Ramaphosa’s new deal must forge a unity of purpose towards a common vision of a society free of poverty, inequality, unemployment, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and many other phobias.

Finding Alpha

The long and the short of the markets

EOH finally hives off GCT Group following an acrimonious relationship.

The take-over of Chevron SA by China’s Sinopec comes with conditions. Sinopec has made undertakings in respect of local procurement; exportation of locally manufactured products; and broad-based black economic empowerment.

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