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Brian Molefe made a good attempt at defending himself when he appeared before the parliamentary inquiry into state capture, but was tripped up by small mistakes and some wild implausibility, says Carol Paton.

SARS did not have authority to pay R561m worth of bonuses last year.

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Matters of debate

Wilf Mbanga says it may help that Zimbabwe’s incoming president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, recently converted to Christianity.

Jonathan Jansen argues that you cannot get children excited about reading books unless you are an active and enthusiastic reader of books.

While the parliamentary inquiry into state capture is doing an excellent job, it will be difficult for it to move much beyond the various versions of events that are put to it.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

At last, some positive news about Net1 that has nothing to do with social grants.

HCI is optimistic about its bus division, Golden Arrow, despite a drop in group profits.

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