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The Western Cape, a major attraction for international tourists, is working on a plan to cut alcohol availability as a way of stemming its abuse. This could result in the cost of alcohol rising and the introduction of a special court for alcohol-related offences.

Donald Trump’s war-mongering speech at the UN General Assembly was apparently not just targeted at North Korea.

Swiss prosecutors are investigating how about $125,000 worth of high-denomination euro bank notes ended up in toilets in Geneva.

In my opinion

Matters of debate

Hilary Joffe says SARS commissioner Tom Moyane has paradoxically affirmed the contents of the report KPMG did for SARS, while trashing the firm that did it.

Rather than strengthening bonds with co-workers, team-building exercises may actually tend to reinforce divisions between in-group and out-group members.

John Gapper says the fact that McKinsey was willing to charge an entrenched institution in a fractured country so much money looks awfully like rent seeking, especially when payments of up to $700m were to be split with what it should have known was a dubious consulting partner.

KPMG is advised to put the same amount of energy and effort into rectifying its wrongdoing as it did committing the wrongdoing.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

Its now up to Sasol shareholders to approve its new BEE transaction, which also includes an employee share ownership scheme.

Star makes its JSE debut. The company emerges from Steinhoff, which has its primary listing in Frankfurt, and still has a controlling stake in Africa’s biggest retailer, Shoprite.

Discovery’s retail bank — among the new ventures that the company has funded — is expected to operational by the second quarter of 2018

Toys R Us Southern Africa shrugs off its parent company’s bankruptcy to open six new shops.

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