President Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI
President Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS/CARLO ALLEGRI

It is fair to say that US President Donald Trump is prone to the occasional bout of self-aggrandisement and is not known for his ability to laugh at himself. Consider his reaction in 2016 to claims that he has unusually small hands. "Look at those hands," he said, holding them up in front of a huge debate audience. "Are they small hands? … I guarantee you there is no problem. I guarantee you."

What problem could he possibly have been referring to?

Anyway, for a man so concerned about how the public perceives his stature, the 45th US president is not going to take kindly to Tiny Trumps, a new online craze that involves Photoshopping pictures of The Donald to make him look smaller. Annoying him is presumably the point. The meme has now spawned its own subreddit, where web users have been sharing doctored pictures of Trump looking small, including one of former president Barack Obama kneeling down to help Little Donald knot his tie and another showing carefree Tiny Trump playing with other little ones in a park.

Banks get PAC gangster rap

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) could barely contain its righteous anger at the banks named by the Competition Commission for alleged forex rigging. The party laid waste
the entire banking sector in a statement decrying its unethical behaviour.

Oddly for a political party, the PAC started its statement by calling on "politicians to depoliticise this matter". This is seemingly "to give Tribunal [sic] an opportunity to deal with this gangsters [sic] in a fair but aggressive fashion. Tribunal must set a highly memorable example by penalising these gangsters in a way they never expected."

There’s nothing like prejudging a matter or giving gangsters their comeuppance before it’s been fully determined that they are gangsters.

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