Yunus Carrim. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Yunus Carrim. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Stories of Note

Bytes from the digital world

"We urge the banks to transform and if they don’t do so through engagements with government and Parliament, it will be done for them through popular action that will reduce their prospects of having an effective say," Parliament’s finance committee chair Yunus Carrim said.

Mines can replace people with automation far more easily than the labour unions believe, but there is no substitute for such jobs in the jobs market, says Bernard Swanepoel, director of consultancy To The Point and former Harmony CEO.

In My Opinion

Matters of debate

Rural people who used to get lifts from farmers on the backs of their bakkies will now have to walk 60km, thanks to sanctimonious Facebook and twitter users who are quick to get outraged over trivia but slow to help anyone, writes Jonathan Jansen.

While Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is understood to be a frequent visitor to Nkandla, not all of President Jacob Zuma’s backers — among them the influential Gupta family — are entirely comfortable with her, writes Natasha Marrian.

Conventional wisdom says scientists should stay out of politics. Unfortunately, politics can’t seem to stay out of science. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we need more scientists to run for — and win — elected office. Thankfully, more and more scientists seem to be stepping up to the plate.

Finding Alpha

The long and the short of the markets

Rumours that Curro plans to unbundle its tertiary education division into a separate JSE-listing were confirmed by CEO Chris van der Merwe, who declined to say when this would happen.

After flirting with 20,000 points for weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial index finally cracked it on Wednesday.

Oh, Very Twitty

The lighter side of the web


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