THE dictionary defines "tenderise" as the act of beating the hell out of meat and marinating it or sprinkling it with a tenderiser to make it, well, tender.

Understandably, some confusion crept in when the Young Communist League of SA put out a lengthy tome ahead of May 1 to remind readers of the history of Workers’ Day (not Worker’s Day, dear author of the league statement, because there are many more workers than just one) and to argue various points about the advancement of the radical transformation of South African society.

"Forward to the de-tenderisation of the state forward!" it said. Now what could that possibly mean? No more warm and tender love from this caring government of ours?

Fiks not one of the losers

SPORT and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula took some time off for a bit of hard-earned recreation when he pitched up in Las Vegas for the supposed punch-up of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Flying to the US and paying for the fight is hardly the stuff of petty cash, even on a Cabinet minister’s salary. Forbes magazine reported that tickets were going for R158,000 when they went on sale on April 24 but dropped to R31,000 a day before the bout.

Some are wondering who paid for Mbalula’s recreational weekend in Vegas, much to the annoyance of one of SA’s most inarticulate but colourful ministers.

Mbalula denies he used government money for the excursion, so he presumably used his credit card or saved for the occasion. Perhaps Mayweather, who enjoyed a moneymaking trip to SA in January last year, with royal treatment thrown in, arranged for a free ticket for Mbalula to say thank you.

"We don’t host mediocrity, we host champions," Mbalula said of Mayweather at the time. "We will roll out the red carpet for you for the rest to see, because humanity has given you to us."

Vegas certainly did not host mediocrity when it rolled out the red carpet for Mbalula, and the government, it seems, did not gamble with the public’s money.

Wise words

"I ONLY ever play Vegas one night at a time. It’s a hideous, gaudy place; it may not be the end of the world per se, but you can certainly see it from there."

Robin Williams, US actor (1951-2014).


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