Picture: Alon Skuy
Picture: Alon Skuy

CJ Greeff makes a great point (Subsidise Taxis, Not SAA, August 20).

Whereas the behaviour of many taxi drivers resembles that of kamikaze pilots and they imperil lives, I for one have learned to peacefully co-exist with them, only because of the valuable role they play in getting millions of people to work on time, at the same time improving my own defensive (survivor) driving skills somewhat.

The government should pass a law making it compulsory for every taxi to be fitted with a telematics system such as that being used by some local insurance companies to monitor the driving habits of their clients. This would make it possible to produce exception reports on those taxis that are disregarding laws, rules and regulations enabling authorities to take action. Then it will no longer be a case of the “very unlucky” scofflaw being caught.

This will cost a lot of money, but the government should rather pay for this with taxpayers’ money before it throws more of it into the useless ego and vanity project that is SAA, which doesn’t produce anything.

John Johnston
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