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Many people have wasted hours trying to file their tax forms online at www.sarsefiling.co.za only to eventually discover Sars assumes everyone uses Microsoft Explorer — and its system does not support other browsers.

Though Explorer is now obsolete, with Microsoft switching to Edge, it looks like South Africans will have to keep it installed for years to come or go back to using pen, paper and snail mail.

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Matters of debate

Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe complains about Jacob Zuma's dependability.

Public Investment Corporation (PIC) CEO Dan Matjila's name is cropping up in investigations into corruption alarmingly often, notes Carol Paton.

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The long and the short of the markets

The Mpumalanga government is taking steps to exclude part of the water-critical Mabola Protected Environment from a mining prohibition to pave the way for the development of a coal mine.

Hundreds of Discovery’s clients had their personal information such as names, ID numbers and contact details disclosed in court papers that have been accessed by third parties.

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The SA mining index has, for the first time in a decade, outperformed the JSE all share index, though it’s worth noting that the Alsi has experienced a particularly difficult year.