Stories of note

Bytes from the digital world

The Mpumalanga health department faces medical negligence claims of R7.6bn — more than half its R13.3bn budget allocation for the fiscal year under way.

Requiring JSE-listed companies to release their results in a computer-readable format will hopefully make investing easier for the tech savvy.

In my opinion

Matters of debate

Gareth van Onselen draws scary parallels between political and religious zealots.

Speaking of religious zealots, Banting dieters do not tolerate nonbelievers questioning their high priest.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

"By incorrectly providing an unqualified report for Steinhoff’s financial statements for 2016, Deloitte seriously failed its duties as laid down by law for auditors," according to Dutch investors’ association VEB.

South African Airways CEO Vuyani Jarana has been bold enough to accept a wager of R100,000 to charity with director of the Free Market Foundation Leon Louw, that he will be able to turn the airline into a profitable company within three years.

Oh, very twitty

The lighter side of the web

Economist Mike Schussler points out that Eskom employees threatening to switch off their customers’ lights already earn far more than the average South African.

Very visual

Graph of the day

Stock market trading volumes drop an average of 55% when a country’s team is playing a Fifa world cup match.

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