Lesson one of corporate blame-shifting: if you mess up badly, just blame a junior staffer for the embarrassment. OUTsurance’s Father’s Day video had a lot of people seeing red when the montage of daddy scenes showed many white fathers and just one black one engaging in positive activities with their kiddies.

Some said the advert was not just unrepresentative of SA, but suggested only white men made good fathers. OUTsurance quickly pulled the advert, blaming a junior staffer for the campaign and calling it an "unintentional oversight".

For a company that proclaims "You always get something out", it seems they also take quite seriously the business of always getting some big shot out of taking responsibility.

The Insider thinks blaming a junior for the mess may also have been an unintentional oversight.

Valley of creepy, costly dolls

Want a doll that looks, moves and feels almost exactly like a newborn? Or how about a baby Avatar, or a half human-half piglet? These questions, posed by Reuters, would elicit a "Hell no!" from the Insider. But others do not find the notion creepy.

The dolls are on display at a trade fair in Bilbao, northern Spain, showcasing "Reborn Babies" made by Spanish company Babyclon, one of a small number of firms worldwide that cater to a particular subculture of collectors who value the dolls’ unsettling realism. Some of the basic silicone dolls cost almost €600, while high-end models, equipped with motors that make the doll appear to breathe or suck on a pacifier, cost nearly €5,000.

As well as human babies, the company makes baby chimpanzees, tiny mermaids and infants with elf-style pointed ears. The Insider has been unable to confirm that Babyclon is Spanish for Chucky.

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