A bright new website greets our readers on TimesLIVE today as we unveil our new digital platform.

The Sunday Times website — hosted‚ as before‚ as part of TimesLIVE — has also been completely overhauled and‚ for the short term‚ will be opened up for readers to experience for free the extent and authority of our big sister’s journalism.

The new TimesLIVE has been months in planning and building and is built on world-class — but home-brewed — technology with features inspired by the best news sites globally.

Built with the smaller screen of cellphones and other mobile devices as a primary consideration‚ the new TimesLIVE will display perfectly and swiftly on all devices.

We have simplified the organisation of our journalism on the new site, based on our analysis of how our readers accessed our content and the kind of journalism they prefer.

The design also attempts to improve the user experience by presenting a clearer view of our top stories.

Long absent from TimesLIVE‚ we are reintroducing article comments for registered users on selected pieces, and have broadened the variety and utility of our bouquet of e-mail newsletters.

We have built other powerful features like spotlight blocks that allow us to collect related major stories‚ as with our leading #GuptaEmail coverage‚ in one place to allow readers to follow these more easily.

Our team have worked hard to give us best-of-breed tools in our digital story-telling to allow us to produce rich and immersive journalism.

These tools help us to easily create galleries‚ embed maps‚ videos‚ interactive infographics‚ charts‚ tweets and Facebook posts — and even 360° images — within our articles.

We are hoping these tools will allow us to experiment and push the boundaries of digital journalism.

But‚ most importantly‚ the new TimesLIVE gives us a platform for what we consider our main mission — producing fascinating‚ quality journalism.

Please try it out at www.timeslive.co.za and share your thoughts with us at feedback@timeslive.co.za.

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