Barry Sergeant. Picture: THE TIMES
Barry Sergeant. Picture: THE TIMES

Veteran journalist Barry Sergeant died at the weekend, Noseweek editor Martin Welz said on Monday.

Sergeant, an award-winning journalist who trained as an advocate, wrote Brett Kebble: The Inside Story; and The Kebble Collusion, a bestseller.

He also wrote a book called The Assault on the Rand, describing how and why the local currency plunged against the dollar in 2001, leading to an official commission of inquiry into the matter.

Sergeant played a role in exposing a shady Gold Fields empowerment deal, which involved prominent people.

During his life he won several awards for his investigative work, including The Valley Trust Award for Courageous Journalism and Rotary International’s Paul Harris award.

He was working on a series of investigations involving Investec bank.

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