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The new look Business Day
The new look Business Day

WELCOME to the new design of Business Day. It’s been five long years since this newspaper was thoroughly overhauled, and we are immensely proud of this refreshed look.

The new design has three basic aims — to improve readability, to enhance visual appeal for a more graphic age and not to change things that should not be changed.

That means crucial columns and analysis — and the crosswords! — remain. The look has been revamped comprehensively, and some sections renamed, but the broad structure of the newspaper remains constant. We have reduced the story length, which provides more room for graphic elements, but kept space for in-depth features and corporate analysis.

Credit for this delicate task goes primarily to designer Antonio Martín Hervás from the Innovation Media Consulting Group and credit for the implementation goes to an extraordinary team of designers and layout artists at Business Day.

There is an old Buddhist saying that the essence of a bowl is its emptiness — that’s why it’s useful. If we have failed to keep the bowl empty, please do let me know.

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