The New Zealand government said on October 14 it was going to recruit 6‚000 teachers from SA‚ the UK‚ Ireland‚ Canada‚ Australia and Fiji to address its anticipated shortage.

“Our immediate focus is to get sufficient quality teachers in place for the next school year. But longer-term workforce planning is already under way‚ and the analysis being refined will support this work to address what is expected to be a need for even more teachers in a few years’ time‚” New Zealand education minister Chris Hipkins wrote.

“Immigration NZ‚ working with the education ministry‚ directly emailed 6‚000 overseas teachers who’ve registered an interest in working here‚ to encourage them to take the next step.”

University of Witwatersrand education expert Mary Metcalfe doubts SA teachers will respond in a high enough numbers to impact the local education system.

“It is often young people who seek these opportunities and these enrich their experience and ultimately benefit the profession here when they return,” she said.