Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

A change in some policies at Westerford High School in the Western Cape, where pupils can do as they please with their hair and jewellery‚ has so far gone smoothly.

School principal Rob le Roux said the policies were changed every three to four years where all inputs were considered and so far‚ it had been a good transition.

"On a regular basis, between three and four years‚ we review all our policies with parents and children to see what adjustments can be made. This basically started at the beginning of last year and then it was fast-tracked by an episode during the course of last year at Pretoria Girls’ High School and all other incidents that took place around school policies‚" said Le Roux.

"Our feeling is that it has been remarkably successful, but obviously it hasn’t satisfied everyone because there are some critics that almost want the policy to fail‚ they are looking for all sorts of excuses."

Included among the changes is allowing boys to wear ponytails and single studs in their ears. According to Le Roux‚ they began the consultations and review of the policies early last year and he is proud of the outcome so far‚ even with its challenges. "But I’m really proud of the way our students have responded to all the policy changes. However‚ the biggest challenge is trying to persuade students to be neat‚ clean‚ tidy and disciplined. With the new regulations‚ we managed to clamp down more rigidly on cleanliness and tidiness."

He said the school has not received any complaints from the Department of Education in the Western Cape because when the policies were amended he spoke to the district office, which has "has been extremely supportive", and asked for its permission.

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