Picture: THE TIMES
Picture: THE TIMES

Motorists will pay 4c less for a litre of 93 octane petrol and 14c less for 95 octane from Wednesday, while the price of both grades of diesel is set to rise by 9c/l, the Central Energy Fund (CEF) said on Saturday.

The changes are largely due to the rand strengthening by approximately 2.2% on average against the dollar for the period under review, leading to a decline in the international price of petrol, the fund said.

Prices for diesel and paraffin are set to rise, with the retail price of illuminating paraffin to increase by 7c/l.

The government has also approved a retail margin increase of 5.6c/l for all octane grades of petrol from January 1 2020 to accommodate the wage increases of pump attendants, cashiers and administrative staff at service stations.

The price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will decrease by 24c/kg, with all the adjustments set to come into effect from midnight on December 31.