Register to attend Nedgroup Investments Engage in association with Business Day on Aug 28. Picture: SUPPLIED
Register to attend Nedgroup Investments Engage in association with Business Day on Aug 28. Picture: SUPPLIED

With the pace of digital innovations accelerating ever faster, investors need to start thinking – if they haven’t already – how to reshape their businesses to thrive amid digital transformation. At the same time, digital transformation brings up questions of an ethical nature.

How will we ensure, for example, that the bounties of technology will be shared by many, not just a few? What impact will technology have on the environment and society as a whole?

Responsible investors need to build environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the core of their businesses for the good of all – while considering the role fintech and robo-technology can play to enhance client experiences and improve savings and retirement outcomes. Speaking of retirement, can umbrella funds help secure a strong financial future for investors, and how do you choose the appropriate one?

At the heart of the matter lies the question of leadership. Transformation – digital, behavioural and societal – cannot occur without sound leadership from business and the government alike. How can we foster leadership that’s geared for sustainable growth and prosperity for all?

Join Nedgroup Investments Engage in association with Business Day to be part of the conversation.

Event details

Date: August 28 2019
Time: Arrival from 7.30am; panel discussions from 8.30am to 12.30pm
Master of ceremonies: Alishia Seckam
Moderator: Andile Khumalo

The following topics will be covered:

Panel 1: Forging ahead together (government & business leadership panel)

Now more than ever, it is important for the SA government and business leaders to work together. A healthy private sector, a transparent public sector and an active civil society are needed for our country to thrive. We also need more collaboration and partnerships between the sectors to carve out an inclusive and sustainable future.

For too long we’ve operated in silos, aware of what the other is doing but unwilling to extend a hand and share notes. We need dedicated, accountable, transparent leadership from the government and business to act in the best interests of our country and our people. How can we foster leadership that’s geared for sustainable growth and prosperity for all?

Moderator: Alishia Seckam
Panellists: Edward Kieswetter, head of the South African Revenue Service (SARS); Karima Brown, tv anchor and veteran journalist, 702; Mark Barnes, former CEO, SA Post Office; and Malungelo Zilimbola, chief investment officer, Mazi Capital.

Panel 2: For the good of all (responsible investing panel)

Responsible investment (RI) recognises that our investment decisions today have far-reaching implications for future generations. ESG factors are the cornerstones of sound investment decisions. 

By incorporating these factors into the investment process, owners of capital play a fundamental role in engaging and holding business accountable for ethical business practices within the environments where it operates. 

Studies have shown that engagement by investors with companies on ESG factors can create shareholder value. Historically, the focus of responsible investing was primarily on governance. Today there is an increasing focus on environmental and social factors. What are SA investors focusing on?

Moderator: Robin Johnson, head of investments, Nedgroup Investments
Panellists: Ndabe Mkhize, chief investment officer, Eskom Pension and Provident Fund; David Levinson, RI specialist, Nedgroup Investments; and Tracey Davies, executive director, Just Share.

Andile Khumalo. Picture: Sunday Times/Waldo Swiegers
Andile Khumalo. Picture: Sunday Times/Waldo Swiegers

Panel 3: Digital transformation and fintech (technology and fintech panel)

Fintech and digital transformation have given financial services organisations immense abilities to perform incredible tasks, but it has also created enormous expectations among consumers. Terms such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), smart data, the Popi Act and data analytics have become buzzwords in the investment industry.

What role can fintech and robo-technology play in enhancing client experiences and improving savings and retirement outcomes?

Moderator: Andile Khumalo
Panellists: Quaniet Richards, head of institutional business, Nedgroup Investments; Dr Pravesh Ranchod, RAILab; and Johan Bosini, Partner, Quona Capital.

Panel 4: Unpacking retirement fund reform (umbrella fund panel)

Retirement fund reform has created increased demand for umbrella funds, which has brought new entrants to the umbrella fund industry. While costs are a significant factor for funds when considering a move to an umbrella fund, it is not the only consideration. In this segment, we will explore choosing an appropriate umbrella fund.

Moderator: Andile Khumalo
Panellists: Hein Klee, MD, NMG Consultants & Actuaries; Guy Chennels, head of research and development umbrella funds, Discovery Invest; and Michelle Acton, principal consultant, Old Mutual.


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