Eskom is load shedding. Picture: 123RF/RASSLAVA
Eskom is load shedding. Picture: 123RF/RASSLAVA

Eskom said it would continue implementing stage 4 load-shedding on Sunday.

Stage 4 load-shedding would start at 8am until 11pm on Sunday evening.

The embattled power utility said rotational load-shedding was implemented to build up "necessary" water reserves in the pump storage scheme.

"Unfortunately, even with the implementation of stage 4 load-shedding today [Sunday], Eskom experienced a further decline in water reserves, which was used to supplement generation capacity.

"The management of the diesel and water resources is essential to ensure that the impact of potential stage of load-shedding in the week can be reduced," Eskom said.

On Saturday, Eskom blamed the tropical cyclone Idai in Mozambique for plunging the country into stage 4 load-shedding.

"At this stage, it appears unlikely that imports from Mozambique will be restored in the next few days, which we can now confirm was affected by the cyclone."