IEC counts the votes. Picture: THE TIMES
IEC counts the votes. Picture: THE TIMES

South Africans who live abroad and want to cast their vote for the 2019 general elections have one more week to apply.

Registered voters living abroad or travelling at the time of the elections have until March 31 to apply and notify the chief electoral officer of their intention to vote at one of SA's 121 foreign missions.

Voting outside the country is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 27 at South African foreign missions, 11 days before the elections are held in SA.

The Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) said this was to allow for the ballot papers to be securely transported back to its national office in SA and counted in front of party agents.

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These ballots would be added to the national ballot count once the May 8 polls closed, it said. Registration to vote overseas can be done on the IEC's website by submitting a VEC10 form. 

The IEC said that as of March 5, 12,425 applications had been received and processed. 

Of those, 6,247 had applied to vote in missions in Europe, 2,926 in Asia, 1,502 in Africa, 868 in North America, 817 in Oceania and 65 in South America.

The IEC said that in 2014 it received 27,899 applications to vote from outside the country, of which 26,716 were approved and a total of 18,446 actually voted in the election.