Duduzane Zuma seen smiling at the state capture commission on Wednesday. Picture: MASI LOSI
Duduzane Zuma seen smiling at the state capture commission on Wednesday. Picture: MASI LOSI

1. Former minister Malusi Gigaba had a difficult 2018. It started with a scathing judgment in December 2017, resulting in a probe by the public protector and his ultimate resignation from the cabinet and parliament.

2. Britain is expected to leave the EU by the end of March. It has been a story that has echoed as much in political circles as it has in the markets. But three months before the official divorce, and the outcome has never been more uncertain.

3. Land expropriation was undoubtedly one of the biggest political debates of 2018. In late July, the ANC made the announcement SA had been waiting for.

4. Zimbabwe’s former first lady remains a controversial figure. Despite her exit from public life, Grace Mugabe’s name still appears on front pages, most recently when SA authorities called for her extradition to face assault charges.

5. In mid-July, the Global Slavery Index announced upsetting news to many. About 40-million people were enslaved around the world in 2016, more than 100 years after slavery was abolished.

6. The election of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC president in December 2017 brought about a dramatic shift in ANC politics. The next month, former president Jacob Zuma listed allegations against his own son in the state capture inquiry’s terms of reference.

7. Another inquiry that made headlines in 2018 was the one looking into the troubles at the revenue collector. Shortly after it started, it became evident that former president Jacob Zuma was a busy man during his time in the Union Buildings.

8. Just more than two years after the brand was introduced to South Africans, Woolworths announced it would drop David Jones after the company’s share price took a beating.

9. In one of his final acts as head of the National Prosecuting Authority, Shaun Abrahams gave the former president the opportunity to make a submission as to why he should not be prosecuted. Jacob Zuma would find himself on a KwaZulu-Natal court bench only months later.

10. Despite hopes of the local economy recovering in 2018, things took a turn for the worse when Stats SA reported a surprise 0.7% contraction in the second quarter. Apart from corruption, economic factors are set to heavily influence decisions at the ballot box in 2019.