CNN correspondent Jim Acosta had his White House press pass fully restored after the Trump administration bowed to pressure and a federal lawsuit. The network dropped its litigation as a result. In an unprecedented step two weeks ago, the administration suspended Acosta’s access to the White House after he argued with President Donald Trump at a press conference. The White House continued to threaten Acosta’s access after a court order last week restored his press pass for 14 days.

The backlash on social media was clearly too much to bear: people were threatening to cancel their policies. After Momentum initially stuck to the fine print and rejected a R2.4m payout to policyholder Nathan Ganas (who died from gunshot wounds in a driveway hijacking last year) on the grounds that he did not disclose his high blood sugar condition, group CEO Hillie Meyer was belatedly forced to reverse the company’s rather pompous stance. It will pay up, after all — and no doubt be more diligent in future.