Athol Trollip. Picture: DAILY DISPATCH
Athol Trollip. Picture: DAILY DISPATCH

The DA will take on review the decision that led to former Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip being ousted through a motion of no confidence.

Trollip, in the meantime, was also adamant on Tuesday that he was still the mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane, flanked by Trollip, said on Tuesday that the meeting that took place on Monday where the vote was taken by opposition councilors, “can only be described as a sham, a mockery and an insult to the voters”.

Before Trollip’s ousting, council speaker Jonathan Lawack was first removed in a motion of no confidence after DA councillor Mbulelo Manyati abstained from the vote. His abstention allowed the numbers to tip in the favour of the opposition parties.

Municipal manager Johann Mettler then took over chairing the meeting, but left after he declared a vacancy in Manyati’s position and the DA caucus and Trollip left. He later reportedly sent a message to say that he would reverse his decision to declare a vacancy.

Maimane said the decision taken at the meeting, which was finally chaired by a representative of the provincial government’s co-operative governance and traditional affairs department, would not pass legal muster.

“We have taken a resolute decision that the council decision to remove Athol Trollip, we will be taking it on legal review,” Maimane said.

Maimane described Manyati’s actions as ‘treasonous” and that the party had already moved on the cessation of his DA membership.