PIC CEO Dan Matjila. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
PIC CEO Dan Matjila. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Public Investment Corporation (PIC) CEO Dan Matjila has emphatically rejected allegations that he had a personal relationship with his alleged “girlfriend”, Pretty Louw.

The allegation has been made that Matjila facilitated a financial transaction by a third party for Louw, after her application to the PIC for financial assistance failed to meet the corporation’s investment criteria.

“I have no relation with Ms Louw,” Matjila insisted on Tuesday when answering questions by members of Parliament’s finance committee.

He said Louw and her partner had approached the PIC for financing and the PIC’s investment structures had approached the application like all others. It did not make the cut.

Matjila said that when it was possible for the PIC to refer applicants to somewhere else that could help, it did so — and had done so in this case.

Louw has also denied allegations that she received money from or had a romantic relationship with Matjila.

The allegation is that Louw received an amount of R21m through Maison Holdings after the referral by the PIC, and that it was funded through its corporate social investment fund.

Committee chairman Yunus Carrim pointed out that it was an offence to lie to Parliament and that Matjila’s denial had been expressed adamantly.

He called on the media to stop propagating the allegations of Matjila’s relationship with Louw.