Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

SA leads Kenya and Nigeria on the list of African countries that are digitally friendly.

This is according to the Euler Hermes Enabling Digitalisation Index (EDI) 2018. The index measures the ability of 115 countries to provide an environment for businesses to thrive in the digital era.

In its 2018 ranking‚ Euler Hermes said the US‚ Germany and the Netherlands are the top three digital-friendly countries in the world. SA ranked first in Africa but 46th in the overall ranking‚ followed by Kenya at 70. Nigeria‚ ranked 100th out of the 115 countries surveyed, despite its substantial market size score

"[SA] stands out with its infrastructure for trade‚ given its level of economic development and increasing role as a trade hub, yet its connectivity quality remains below average. The second African country of the ranking is Kenya‚ the East African trade platform‚" the report said.

The index found that weak connectivity‚ trade infrastructure and knowledge ecosystems had proved to be the main shortcomings in Africa. The continent had attracted substantial amounts of foreign direct investment‚ but businesses had not really thrived because of inadequate infrastructure and a small population of techno-savvy citizens.

Best improvements from last year’s EDI ranking are seen in Thailand‚ which moved up five spots to 45th‚ and India and Indonesia‚ which edged up four places to 44th and 60th, respectively.

The Netherlands (3rd) replaced Switzerland (4th) on the podium this year.