Supra Mahumapelo, the premier of North West. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Supra Mahumapelo, the premier of North West. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

North West ANC chairperson Supra Mahumapelo has told his supporters to allow a provincial executive committee (PEC) meeting to go ahead and promised to brief them afterwards.

Mahumapelo’s supporters stormed into the PEC meeting in Mahikeng on Wednesday morning‚ just a day after his resignation was accepted by the provincial leadership. After the chaos‚ Mahumapelo addressed them outside the building and urged them to allow the meeting to proceed.

"Comrades‚ I’m relaxed‚" he said and the crowd replied "bua"‚ meaning speak. "I’m saying I am happy to see you. I’m relaxed. I’m relaxed because I know that the ANC in which I’ve been a member‚ now for 35 years‚ will not allow wrong things to happen in the ANC.

"I’m going to talk to you at length. My request to you is going to be that the PEC must make some decisions there. Those decisions that are made by the PEC and I’m chairing the meeting there‚ because I am the chair. Remember‚ comrades‚ that you elected me in a conference in 2015 to be the chairperson until 2019 in February. Now‚ when we are done with this PEC meeting that I’m chairing‚ I will come and address you‚ to tell you about the outcomes of the PEC."

On Tuesday night‚ the ANC in the North West accepted Mahumapelo’s resignation as premier of the province. The PEC is meeting in Mahikeng to deal with his issue‚ which has troubled the province for weeks as protesting residents demanded his resignation.

Mahumapelo seemed calm and at ease when he addressed his supporters. "We are not accountable to ourselves. We are accountable to the branches of the ANC. We are accountable to [you]. I was saying to this media here in the morning that when they see us keeping quiet‚ when they see us being disciplined‚ it doesn’t mean that we agree with things that are going on. It is just we want stability‚" he said.

"Let me preside over the PEC‚ we will then come and address you. Your chairperson will talk to you ... I will talk more about that when the PEC is done. I will ask you to give us an opportunity for me to address the PEC and when we are done‚ the entire PEC must come and address you."

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