Natasha Marrian Political editor: Business Day
Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS
Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

President Jacob Zuma has requested a three month “notice period”, after which he will resign unconditionally.

Sources on Monday said Zuma had requested  three months' “notice”, after which he would resign unconditionally. Business Day understands that this proposal was put to the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) on Monday, as it discussed Zuma’s recall from office.

It is understood that Zuma has told ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa that he will use the three months to “introduce him” to international bodies such as the African Union, the United Nations and the Brazil, Russia, India, China and SA bloc of countries.

This emerged from sources on Monday as the ANC’s NEC remained locked behind closed doors to discuss Zuma’s fate. However, Business Day has not been able to widely verify this.

Sources sceptical of his motives have indicated that he wants to continue chairing the Cabinet to ensure that deals favourable to his family and friends are seen through, including the nuclear deal. The matter was still being discussed along with his potential imminent recall from office.

Ramaphosa assured the nation on Sunday that the Zuma matter would be “finalised” by the NEC on Monday, but no official communication was forthcoming from the party late on Monday.

The meeting continued into Monday night.