Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Cabinet joined the chorus of condemnation aimed at the killing of councillors in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape in recent weeks, in a meeting at Tuynhuys in Parliament, Cape Town on Wednesday.

Since the 2016 local government elections, and on the road to the December ANC elective conference, the killing of councillors and ANC party activists has come under increased scrutiny. The Wednesday meeting came after a number of killings believed to be politically motivated, most recently and notably that of former ANC Youth League secretary, Sindiso Magaqa.

Last year, the Ministry of Police established a probe into political killings, but its work and progress has been short on detail.

In a statement at the meeting, Cabinet said the killings were "against the ethos of the Constitution" and "the right of people to elect their public representatives".

"This violence has taken the lives of young activists, including the fearless former ANC Youth League’s Sindiso Magaqa, who still had much to contribute in building a prosperous SA," the statement read.

While the statement did not provide details on investigations into some of the high profile political killings, Cabinet asked that the police be given the space to conduct due investigations. "We call on political parties to promote tolerance among their members and call on communities to support the South African Police Service in their investigations."

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