File picture: GCIS
File picture: GCIS

On Tuesday, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) expressed disappointment after Parliament allowed its expelled member to take part in the motion of no confidence debate against President Jacob Zuma, and is now consulting its legal counsel. The PAC has one seat in Parliament.

The party said MP Luthando Mbinda was expelled by a disciplinary committee after he was charged for bringing the organisation into disrepute. During the debate, Mbinda indicated he would vote against the DA-sponsored motion to remove Zuma from office.

"We are very disappointed with Parliament for allowing an expelled member of the PAC to partake in the motion of no confidence against the President and his executive," said PAC spokesperson Kenneth Mokgatlhe. "We must highlight that Luthando Mbinda was expelled by the disciplinary committee of the PAC after he was charged for bringing the party into disrepute. It is clear that he was a guest of Baleka Mbete and not a representative from the PAC."

He added: "The PAC will never abstain in any decision-making process because that would simply amount to the PAC abstaining to the daily challenges of our people. We must have a particular official stance and not the one taken by one man after waking up from his dreams. We are denying the stance by expelled Luthando Mbinda as a reflection of the PAC’s official position."

"We deem today’s sitting as illegal, unconstitutional and therefore ... null and void. How do you defy a party to replace a member? This is a sign of disrespect not to the PAC but to the same Constitution of the country. We are now taking the matter up with our legal team."

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