Nathi Nhleko. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
Nathi Nhleko. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

The South African Police Union (Sapu) has criticised Police Minister Nathi Nhleko for abusing court processes.

The abuse‚ claims the union‚ is over his attempt to stop disgraced Hawks boss Berning Ntlemeza from losing his post.

On Friday the High Court in Pretoria criticised Nhleko for ignoring earlier court rulings that found Ntlemeza to be a liar and unfit to lead the Hawks.

Nhleko has indicated that he will appeal that ruling.

Union general secretary Oscar Skommere said the union condemned Nhleko’s behaviour for abusing court processes.

"The minister’s appeal is a clear case of abuse of court processes. It is clear that Nhleko is applying dirty delaying tactics because Ntlemeza will never survive this."

He called for Nhleko to pay the legal costs of "this fruitless exercise from his own pocket".

"It is totally unacceptable that a high-ranking government official like the minister could abuse the justice system like this. His actions undermine the criminal justice system that Nhleko is supposed to serve."

He called on Nhleko to correct his previous shortcomings and appoint a competent man or woman to lead the Hawks.

"The question is why go all the way to defend a pensioner like Gen Ntlemeza.

"Our suspicion is that he was appointed to carry a political mandate from his handlers.

"Nhleko’s spokesperson claims they are appealing because Ntlemeza was not given a chance to state his case. This is an insult to judicial officers like the judges. This brazen behaviour from the minister is totally unacceptable."

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