The Department of Energy expects to have finalised the integrated energy and integrated resource plans by August or September.

In the department’s presentation to Parliament’s energy committee on Tuesday, deputy director-general Ompie Aphane outlined the process of dealing with the two plans.

The plans lay the foundation for the government’s energy planning in future.

Aphane said on Tuesday that public consultations on the plans had been concluded, though the department would still engage bilaterally with entities that wanted to make submissions.

Engagements with other government departments and the National Economic Development and Labour Council had yet to take place.

The next stage would be to collate the submissions received and give the department’s response to them. About 64 entities have commented on the plans. The department’s response should be completed by the end of March and an updated report would then be published.

Between the end of March and the end of May or early June, the various scenarios would be tested and trade-offs between the various energy sources would be made.

The final document would have to be approved by the Cabinet before being promulgated.

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