Graeme Körner, from Körner Perspective, chose Remgro and ARC as his stock picks of the day, and Mark du Toit, from Courtney Capital Private Wealth, chose Naspers and Prosus.

Körner said: “I have two that are quite at the opposite ends of the spectrum, I've been quite critical of Remgro for some time — that they fell asleep at the wheel and it has lagged its underlying NAV; it is one of those companies that gives you optionality and their discount has swollen to much.

“The other one is African Rainbow Capital is at the opposite end of the risk spectrum and may very well be the new Remgro. I'm not disputing the fact that maybe there is a question mark when it comes to the rand valuation but it's a very diversified company that also offers a lot of optionality. It should not be trading at half of its NAV.”

Du Toit said: “We were busy playing the Naspers and Prosus inclusion in the indices, so if you remember, we chose to buy Naspers ahead of the the split so [we] have our Prosus and our Naspers shares. We sold the Prosus because it's only trading at a 15% discount to its assets and next week there's going to be a bit of a re-balance in indices, so we expect to see the Prosus get sold down a bit.

“And then, on September 20, the local stocks are going to up weight the Naspers again, and at that stage we'll re-balance back.” (sic)

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