Picture: 123RF/ BAKHIAR ZEIN
Picture: 123RF/ BAKHIAR ZEIN

Drikus Combrinck from Capicraft chose Enbridge Inc as his stock pick of the day and Nick Crail from Ashburton Investments chose Mr Price.

Combrinck said: “Enbridge is a midstream company [that] transports energy, including gas and oil. It’s a Canadian firm and also one of the bigger ones in its field that transports from Canada to the interior of the US.”

Crail said: “I think Mr Price is relatively defensive but it is without a doubt not going to escape the economic environment that we’re in. I do think on a longer-term basis it is well-positioned to continue taking advantage of the landscape that we find ourselves in. I rate the management very highly and I think that stock price has come off significantly.”

Drikus Combrinck from Capicraft and Nick Crail from Ashburton Investments talk to Business Day TV

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