Gary Booysen from Rand Swiss chose Lockheed Martin as his stock pick of the day and Ashraf Mohamed from Arqaam Capital chose Adapt IT.

Booysen said: “Lockhead Martin is one of the world’s biggest defence contractors and it essentially has a long-term pipeline with the US government that looks very attractive. Defence contractors also trade at a discount to the overall market, so Lockheed Martin is trading between 13 and 14 times earnings, which I think is going to give it a little bit of stability.”

Mohamed said: “Adapt IT is a beneficiary of the EOH debacle, especially when it comes to corporates. Government is not affected that much yet because of all the tender processes. A lot of corporates are saying we don’t want to be somewhere where it’s tainted. A lot of them are opting to do contracts with Adapt IT.”

Gary Booysen from Rand Swiss and Ashraf Mohamed from Arqaam Capital talk to Business Day TV

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