Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Graeme Kӧrner from Kӧrner Perspective chose Sasol as his stock pick of the day.

He said it is time to "lighten".

"About two to three years ago … [the market was thought to be] too optimistic about oil prices and too bearish on the rand and spend massive amounts on Louisiana (which they did). But Louisiana is coming online and the rand-oil price is sitting at around R1,100, which puts them on track for R60 worth of earnings.

"But the rand has been hit hard as part of the emerging-market currencies, and if US President Donald Trump does have an impact on global trade and global GDP, it could have an unintended consequence. Thus far emerging-markets commodities and selling some of Sasol shares allows you to take a bit of the risk off the table."

Graeme Kӧrner from Kӧrner Perspective talks to Business Day TV about Sasol, his stock pick of the day