Leigh Köhler … market intelligence
Leigh Köhler … market intelligence

Drikus Combrinck from Capicraft chose Crest Nicholson Holdings as his stock pick of the day and Nick Kunze from Bridge Fund Managers chose Aspen Pharmacare.

Crest Nicholson Holdings is a UK-based home builder. Combrinck said that the uncertainty of Brexit meant that the company’s shares had bombed out over the past few weeks.

“They are one of the top-quality builders in the UK and, with a 10% dividend forward yield at the moment, it’s a £1bn company, although it’s small, it’s a great opportunity for a small investor.”

Kunze said Aspen Pharmacare, trading on a 19 price-earnings ratio, was at a 52-week low on Thursday. “With the rumours of them selling off their Chinese milk business, raising as much as R9bn out of it, which will pay off a lot of debt, and this will certainly make a difference to them.”

Drikus Combrinck from Capicraft talks to Business Day TV about Crest Nicholson Holdings and Nick Kunze from Bridge Fund Managers discusses Aspen Pharmacare


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