Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Ian Cruickshanks from the South African Institute of Race Relations chose African Rainbow Capital (ARC) Investments as his stock pick of the day, while Simon Brown from JustOneLap chose the Satrix Fini portfolio.

Cruickshanks said he was impressed by ARC Investments’ attitude to management. “They have been growing from strength to strength. Looking ahead they would probably be a lot like Remgro used to be, not wildly exciting but a good, solid, safe buy for widows and orphans.”

Brown from JustOneLap said that on a down day financials were the only sector to gain, up 0.5%, “and this happens quite regularly”, he said.

“Again not very exciting but buy the ETF, put it away and keep holding it until it stops going up.”

Ian Cruickshanks from the SAIRR talks to Business Day TV about African Rainbow Capital Investments and Simon Brown from JustOneLap discusses Satrix Fini


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