As we head ever closer to a future of self-driving vehicles without steering wheels, car interiors are being reimagined into more comfortable and lounge-like environments. 

The BMW i3 Urban Suite concept car, shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, still has its steering wheel and driver’s seat, but the rest of the cabin has been transformed to have the relaxed feel of a boutique hotel.

The concept car is a standard BMW i3 electric car that has been repurposed into a compact limousine.

“The aim was to create an inviting space with a high feel-good factor in which to spend time — the perfect place for relaxing, enjoying in-car entertainment or focusing on work in a laid-back setting,” says BMW.

Out came the rear bench seat and front passenger seat; in their place is a large and comfortable single rear lounge chair with a footrest. The pampered passenger gets to experience on-board entertainment with a personal sound zone and a screen that flips down from the ceiling. There is also a side table with a lamp and a cupholder.

A two-seater isn’t the most practical use of space, but the aim was to show that luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do with vehicle size.

Twenty examples of the BMW i3 Urban Suite were in action on the streets of Las Vegas. Passengers could hail the car using an app and be chauffeured about Sin City in laid-back ambience.