Hyundai’s main attraction at this year’s Frankfurt motor show commemorates 45 years since the 1974 Hyundai Pony was launched as Korea’s first mass production car.

The 45 concept car is a pretty bold thing which borrows wedge shaped styling from the 70s era.

The 45 also informs that the concept’s substantial C-pillars are angled at 45-degrees as is the front nose reduction angle, all of which give it an attractive diamond-shaped silhouette.

But before you let your Korean car dreams run wild, the company says it doesn’t intend on building a production model. It’s only a fantasy and vanity project, which is a pity because it’s such a good looking thing in the metal.

Noticeably boxy in a population of anodyne blobs, the 45’s other strong features are huge mesh alloy wheels which hint at a crossover instead of a mere hatchback.

The smooth but edgy styling’s desirability is punctuated further by flush shut-lines, no wing mirrors and headlight graphics made out from a digital matrix of LEDs in contrasting black covers.

And the 45 took the honours of best doors at the show with its forward sliding apertures. They open to reveal a lounge type cabin on seats that swivel and it subscribes to the trending notion that future passengers will relax while the battery powered vehicle is in full driving autonomy.

Hyundai also says the owners can influence the décor to their bespoke whims on a minimalistic dashboard featuring essentials only. It may not go into production but don’t discount this as a hint of how Hyundai cars of the near future could look.