Telematics technology has enhanced efficiency in running a fleet business.
Telematics technology has enhanced efficiency in running a fleet business.
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As South African businesses face increasingly high demands on their budgets prompting parsimony wherever possible, telematics is one tool that can help business fleets save in various ways. Estimates suggest that businesses can see cost-savings of up to 10% when real-time tracking vehicles.

Here is how telematics can help with cost-savings.

Save on fuel

 Legratron Electronics MD Itumeleng Matshego says data from telematics can identify drivers who are not driving economically.

“You can use this data to implement interventions, such as training or disciplinary procedures, to improve your drivers’ behaviour. Geo-fence technology can also assist in saving fuel by improving route planning or by diverting the nearest vehicle to customers for unexpected visits,” he says.

Save on the cost of crashes

Even small bumper bashings can have serious consequences for a company.

“Information provided by telematics can identify problematic drivers and decide how to improve this. By reducing the number of crashes in an organisation you save on the cost of damage to vehicle, injuries to employees and downtime from the crash. You can also potentially avoid the tragedy of serious accidents,” says Matshego.

Save on maintenance

Knowing when your drivers practice bad driving habits is not only important to save on fuel and prevent accidents, it can also reduce maintenance costs.

“Harsh acceleration or braking, and incorrect clutch control all drive up maintenance costs. Fleet managers who do not obtain data on their fleet’s driving habits will be replacing brake pads, tyres and clutches much sooner and more often than necessary.

 “Conversely, if you identify these mistakes you take corrective measures and avoid costly maintenance repairs above the normal services and repairs. It can also help you avoid the cost of downtime when vehicles are out of commission,” says Matshego.

Optimise utilisation of resources

Telematics data provides accurate pictures of how and when vehicles are being used.

“You can reduce time wasted by drivers who take unnecessarily longer routes, use company vehicles and time for personal errands or use ineffective route planning. With a geo-fence boundary, you are immediately alerted when vehicles are being misused.

“Geo-fence technology of telematics can also help you reduce the unnecessary wastage of resources and time when responding to unexpected customer requests. For example, if a customer requires an emergency visit, the technology can help you determine who is in the vicinity and can respond the fastest and without driving up and down. It can also indicate that even though driver A is nearest, driver B can arrive faster as there is less traffic on their route,” says Matshego.

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