New 8x4 configuration as seen in this compactor can also be ordered in tipper applications. Pic: SUPPLIED
New 8x4 configuration as seen in this compactor can also be ordered in tipper applications. Pic: SUPPLIED

It has been a busy few weeks for Isuzu Motors SA’s truck division, which seems to be throwing every kind of weight it has to re-establish itself as a leading brand in the heavy mover sector and introducing new models.

Highlights at the show held for dealers and fleet clients included some pretty significant launches, with the SA debuts of the Isuzu FY-Series 8x4 models, which now expands to 36 Isuzu F-Series models on a gross vehicle mass (GVM) range for the heavy and extra-heavy vehicle market from 8.5-ton to 16.5-ton GVM, plus the  more than 16.5-ton GVM segments.

There was plenty to see, too, with manufacturer and supplier stands boasting a wide variety of bespoke body builds, crafty modifications that can be applied to Isuzu’s wide range of cargo carriers, and even an official old Isuzu engine and transmission rebuilder. The event’s unique setting of a test track allowed visitors to drive or be driven in some of the trucks on various sections of the Gerotek’s expansive terrain.

An Isuzu diesel-electric hybrid model and an alternative fuel model were also on show, although Isuzu has still not decided if it will sell the hybrid here.

Also debuting at the show, the N-Series now offers seven crew cab models,  three at 5,200kg GVM, two at 6,200kg GVM (including one 4x4 model) and two at 7,500kg GVM, an F-Series with three crew cab models — all three at 13,500kg GVM including one automated manual transmission (AMT) model and a lone 4x4 model.

This transforms the range to payloads from about 1.5 tons up to about 4.5 tons dependent on cargo body mass. Furthermore, the entire N and F Series range benefits from a key-operated central locking system and power windows while range topping AMT models also get a 24V radio and speaker system with CD player, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port. 

Spurred on by a local municipality’s inquiries, the truck company also used the show to display a new pair of 26,000kg GVM refuse compactors for the top line F-Series available with both manual and automatic transmissions.