The recently launched Eicher Trucks Pro 6000 series.
The recently launched Eicher Trucks Pro 6000 series.

Indian commercial vehicle conglomerate Eicher Trucks recently launched its Pro 6000 series, which uses a scalable platform strategy for various applications.

Motor News attended the launch of the new model range, which sits above the Pro 3000 line-up that was launched in SA almost a year ago. The new range consists of Pro 6016 (eight-tonne payload) 16T GVM (gross vehicle mass) heavy duty freight carrier and Pro 6025T (10cm3) 6x4 25T GVM heavy-duty construction tipper, which effectively marks the entry of the brand into the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market.

Celebrating a decade-long partnership with Volvo Trucks this year, Eicher Trucks essentially uses the same engines and drivetrain as its Swedish partner, and thus comes with well-proven hardware components to ensure reliability and peace of mind. Eicher Trucks’ history dates back to 1959 and in 1984 it went into a joint venture project with Mitsubishi Motors and entered the South African market in 2008 offering Eicher-branded trucks and buses.

It currently plays in the L/MD (light-to-medium) segment with a strong presence in the 4.9T-15T truck segment and an increasing market share in the 16T-49T heavy-duty truck segment. The company has 408 staff and 15 multifranchise and standalone dealers in SA.

"The Eicher Pro 6000 Series marks a milestone in the journey of Eicher Trucks in SA, entering the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry," says Surender Singh, vice-president and country head, VECV (VE Commercial Vehicles Limited) Trucks SA.

"The Eicher Pro 6000 Series is the range of next-generation heavy-duty trucks that offer class-leading fuel efficiency, superior uptime and enhanced driver comfort, safety and efficiency through various cabin features and intelligent systems. The trucks have undergone rigorous endurance and performance testing for more than 100,000km in SA."

The Pro 6000 series’ cabin is said to have been adapted from Japanese design and meets Automotive Industry Standards 029 safety standards. It comes equipped with an Intelligent Driver Information System which provides live information to the driver on truck operational parameters and advanced onboard diagnostics. It also has an air-suspended seat for the driver, an air conditioner and power windows.

The Eicher Pro 6000 Series is powered by the VEDX5 and VEDX8 engines, designed in collaboration with the Volvo Group. Onboard diagnostics enable proactive maintenance of the truck. The system throws up fault indicators to the driver in the form of visual signals, messages and alarms. Together with the Eicher service network, this ensures preventive and corrective maintenance of the truck.