Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann revealed the Divo at Monterey in California. Picture: SUPPLIED
Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann revealed the Divo at Monterey in California. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Bugatti Veyron was fast and expensive, the company’s Chiron was faster and more expensive and now the Divo is the most expensive production car in history.

The €5m hypercar, based on the still-fresh Chiron, has already sold out its full allocation of 40 cars to customers that already own the Chiron.

Instead of just raw power, the Divo focuses more on agility than the heavy hitter, with more downforce and a 35kg weight reduction said to slash eight seconds from its lap time on the Nardo test centre’s 6km handling circuit.

Limited to 380km/h, the Divo still couldn’t quite match its blue body hints to the blue Pirelli sidewalls but can boost its lateral acceleration up to 1.6g.

Visual changes

The 1,125kW, quad-turbo W12 will benefit from suspension tuning, lower ride height and hard-core chassis tuning, with visual changes.

“When I took up my position at Bugatti at the beginning of the year, I soon learnt that our customers and fans were waiting for a special vehicle which would tell a further story for the brand in addition to the Chiron,” Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann said.

“The Bugatti team was also eager to implement a project like this. We have shifted the balance further toward lateral acceleration, agility and cornering,” Winkelmann said.

Named after France’s dual Targa Florio winner, Albert Divo, it generates 95kg more downforce at 200km/h than the Chiron — 456kg of antilifting help.

It has smaller air intakes to reduce the frontal area and drag of the hypercar, with four independent brake air inlets.

Rear spoiler

It runs a duct in the roof to optimise its airflow to the engine, while its new adjustable rear spoiler takes lessons from Lamborghini’s Performante programme. Not coincidentally, Lamborghini is one of Winkelmann’s former responsibilities.

The 1.83m wide spoiler has a 23% larger area than the Chiron’s, delivering both braking and downforce improvements.