Only one per year, to be more precise. We are talking about Pagani, which is now available in SA through Daytona Group.

If ever there is a poster car for the modern supercar era, the Pagani Huayra is it.

We took a look at BT1, the first pre-production model, which is in SA for a roadshow. While there, people pressed their faces against windows to get a closer look. And you have to take a closer look to comprehend how incredible the detail is in this car.

Performance figures are one thing, but the instrument cluster is handcrafted from metal by a watchmaker in Geneva. Every bolt is made of titanium and features the Pagani name etched into it. The gearstick is a work of art — actually, every component is a work of art, which is why company founder Horacio Pagani describes his cars as a combination of art and science. We will bring you more information and an interview in next week’s issue.

New Suzi in town

Suzuki has launched an updated Celerio. Picture: MOTORPRESS
Suzuki has launched an updated Celerio. Picture: MOTORPRESS

The refreshed Suzuki Celerio has arrived in SA. The updated version gets extensively revised styling to give it a slightly bolder look. The rear has also received more attention — the early model looked as though the designers knocked off early.

Inside there is now a two-tone treatment to the dashboard and trim. Equipment levels remain the same, as does the 55kW 1.0l engine.

Pug gets a makeover

Peugeot has introduced the revised 308. Picture: MOTORPRESS
Peugeot has introduced the revised 308. Picture: MOTORPRESS

Peugeot has introduced an updated version of its 308 hatch. The exterior gets quite a few changes including a more assertive grille, new LED daytime running lights and revisions to many of the key design lines.

Inside, the 308 gets the i-Cockpit layout from other Peugeot models. It also gets the company’s latest touchscreen infotainment system which now also has Mirrorlink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. The company has also introduced more safety and driver assistance systems, including an Advanced Breaking System (seriously Peugeot — did you not pick that up in your marketing meeting!).

The 308 has also shed up to 140kg which should translate into better performance and fuel consumption from the 96kW Puretech engine.

Getting connected

Jaguar Land Rover is testing connected cars on UK roads. Picture: MOTORPRESS
Jaguar Land Rover is testing connected cars on UK roads. Picture: MOTORPRESS

Jaguar Land Rover has started connected vehicle trials in the UK. The tests on public roads are part of a project aimed at creating fully connected infrastructure geared towards self-driving cars.

A number of roads and highways in the UK will benefit from a combination of wireless technologies (DSRC, 3/4G mobile networks, Wi-Fi and fibre-optic networks), ensuring vehicles can always be connected to each other and to infrastructure.

Connecting cars to each other and their surroundings (known as V2X) is a vital step for safe, large-scale deployment of self-driving cars. The latest connected technology complements other vehicle sensors and extends a vehicle’s ability to "see" further down the road and "speak" to other vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians and the network.

The system will work on both manual and autonomous driving and so will greatly improve road safety across levels of autonomy.

Merc preps updated GLE

With Audi launching its Q8 at the end of 2018 and BMW due to launch a new X6, it’s no surprise that Mercedes is working on the next generation of its GLE coupe.

The current model sits on a rather old platform, but when the new GLE coupe arrives in 2019 it will feature a new platform that it will share with the new GLE, also due in 2019. Expect a slightly more dynamic design for both models with smaller windows and a shorter rear overhang.