One of the models on the Powerstar stand at the Futoroad Expo. Picture: MARK SMYTH
One of the models on the Powerstar stand at the Futoroad Expo. Picture: MARK SMYTH

The truck market in SA has possibly the most diverse choice of commercial vehicles in the world considering its size.

This continues in 2017 with Ever Star Industries introducing two special editions to its Powerstar brand, the new V3 ET AMT (automated manual transmission), as well as a joint venture with Foton on the new FT range of light and medium commercial vehicles.

Launched at the Futuroad Expo, Powerstar showcased on and off-road derivatives from its product ranges, as well as the new models.

"Since 2014 Ever Star Industries’ focus has been to become a one-stop solution for transport owners active in mining and construction, where Powerstar has been most successful," says Bob Wang, CEO of Ever Star Industries in SA.

"Our leading brand still remains Powerstar with the V3 and VX ranges. Now we are expanding the offering by bringing in the light and medium truck range from Foton," says Wang.

The V3 2643 AMT 6x4 Cummins powered engine provides 430hp and the company expects it to be popular in the long-haul coal transport sector in which vehicles are required to operate efficiently on the open road while occasionally enduring the tougher conditions at loading and unloading areas. The V3 ET also offers a 460hp Weichai engine, combined with the optional AMT transmission.

"With the addition of the new FT range, FT 3 and FT 5, these trucks will offer our customers a more versatile and efficient solution, especially for the light and medium to occasional long-haul distribution applications, as well as the tipper and waste market," says Wang.

"The Powerstar FT range is in the same high-quality technology bracket as our other Powerstars," says Rodney Selesnick, senior head of sales and marketing at the company.

"The range is powered primarily by Cummins engines, feeding torque through ZF transmissions, and will be built at our Pietermaritzburg plant following the same exacting quality standards as for the current Powerstar range."

Among the other products showcased was the VX range, which can be specified as a heavy-duty tipper, water tanker or mixer chassis.

The VX models offer a Fastgear 12-speed manual gearbox and a Weichai Euro 2 turbocharged Intercooled engine with outputs ranging from 280hp and 1,160Nm to 350hp and 1,350Nm.

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