Mercedes-Benz Trucks poised to train 200 commercial vehicle drivers as part of October’s National Transport Month.
Mercedes-Benz Trucks poised to train 200 commercial vehicle drivers as part of October’s National Transport Month.

The South African government declared October as National Transport Month in 2005 to raise awareness on the crucial role of transport in the economy.

The annual initiative is also used to encourage participation from civil society and business to promote a safe and more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system.

In support of the objectives of this year’s Transport Month, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has heeded the government’s call and is offering complimentary driver training to 200 Mercedes-Benz truck drivers.

The training, according to the company, can be booked immediately and runs until the end of the year.

The selected drivers’ skills will be honed by the company’s fleet arm, FleetBoard Professional Driver Training, which provides tailor-made, high quality training programmes that contribute to the drivers’ development. By producing safer drivers through training, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and FleetBoard will be playing a pivotal role in the reduction of carnage.

Improved road safety has other inherent benefits and Mercedes-Benz Trucks realises the importance its role plays in these. Businesses and consumers are at an advantage when goods can be transported faster and more efficiently on our roads and increased mobility in turn positively affects the economy and this impacts SA’s social development.

"As the leading truck manufacturer in SA, it is imperative for us as Mercedes-Benz Trucks to ensure that our transport system is increasingly safer.

"FleetBoard Professional Driver Training yields highly-competent drivers that have been trained, tested and trusted," says Jasper Hafkamp, executive director for Daimler Trucks & Buses SA.

"Besides positively contributing to the growth of SA’s economy, safety is also of paramount importance to us and we have been a leader in this regard for decades as well.

"Life-saving safety features on our vehicles such as Telligent Lane Assist, Telligent Stability Control, Telligent Distance Control, Active Brake Assist and Driver Airbag are just some of the ways that we have actively contributed to preventing road accidents," says Hafkamp.

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