New car ownership imbues pride. From the freedom of mobility it represents to the character it conveys, volumes can be written about the bond between machine and its custodian.

This is even if more true if you find yourself having graduated to the ranks of a premium marque such as Audi.

Sophisticated design, outstanding quality and efficient performance inherent in products of the brand are among the hallmarks that have forged loyalty among aficionados.

These virtues can be enjoyed even further with the prospect of carefree maintenance offered by the Audi Freeway Plan. It applies to all new Audi products and offers a duration of cover of five years or 100,000km, whichever comes first. This is complemented by a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

It prolongs the distinctive sensation of Vorsprung durch Technik even after the new car aroma has waned.

The Freeway Plan means that no extra effort or payment is required from the Audi owner. The plan absorbs all maintenance and service costs. However, owners ought to be mindful that there are exclusions. These include between-service top-up fluids, fuel, cracked or broken glass, and tyres. Unapproved modifications, fitment of unapproved accessories and neglect will render the Freeway Plan void.

All customers must do is adhere to the prescribed maintenance intervals as stated in their vehicle’s service dossier. It is as easy as making an appointment with your preferred Audi dealership when the need arises.

Audi’s network of dealerships boasts on-site service departments equipped with up-to-the-minute technology designed to keep its cars operating in the same manner as they did when they rolled off the production line. And because technology is no replacement for human expertise, the company says that customers are guaranteed that its technicians possess the knowledge and training to tend to their vehicles expertly.

Buyers of vehicles from the Audi approved pre-owned division benefit, too. The Audi Freeway Plan is registered with the vehicle and is transferable to the next owner, giving added resale value in addition to further peace of mind.

But the story doesn’t end once the initial Freeway Plan duration has ended. So confident is Audi in the integrity and longevity of its products, that it gives buyers the option to extend their Freeway Plan. Top-up options to extend maintenance up to 200,000km or two years are available.

With an Audi Freeway Plan you have the peace of mind that your premium vehicle will be serviced and maintained at no additional cost to you.

This feature was provided by Audi South Africa and is the first in a series of advertorials casting a spotlight on the after-sales services of the brand.

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