Season 4 of The Man in the High Castle can now be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Picture: AMAZON STUDIOS/IMDB
Season 4 of The Man in the High Castle can now be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Picture: AMAZON STUDIOS/IMDB

Man in the High Castle Season 4 — Amazon Prime Video

The final season of the Philip K Dick-inspired drama about a world in which the allies have lost World War 2 and fascism is the order of the day continues to deliver dramatically satisfying storylines and a pertinent anti-totalitarianism message. As a showdown looms between the Axis powers and the resistance, everything is on the line for the powers that be and those who oppose them. You have to hope that, in these uncertain real-world times, things will at least turn out in favour of democratic ideals and freedom of expression in the world of this engagingly bingeworthy fictional story.

Ad Vitam — Netflix

A slow burning dystopian French sci-fi series that seeks to answer the question of what life might be like if we actually could live forever. Ad Vitam moves at a sometimes slow, difficult pace but delivers artful aesthetic and philosophical mind-bending to keep it intriguing. It may not always answer its deep questions with the thoroughness you’d hope for, but it does pique the grey matter and is beautiful to look at, enough to keep you watching.

Rick and Morty Season 4 — Showmax

The most intelligently gross and surreally off-the-wall offering in the adult animation universe returns to freak you out and make you laugh hard at the nutty adventures of mad super-scientist Rick and his inept but sweet-natured grandson.

The Awakening of Motti Volkenbruch — Netflix

A Swiss German romantic comedy about the struggle of a nice, Orthodox Jewish boy to find himself a nice girl who doesn’t remind him of his mother. It’s sometimes a little broad in its humour but it’s easy to like as an adequately entertaining piece of easy-to-swallow culture shock comedy.

We Are the Wave — Netflix

A millennial update for Todd Strasser’s school-prescribed novel about the dangers of totalitarianism. Set in present day Germany, it’s the story of what happens when a group of disgruntled and anti-authoritarian teens decide to take things into their own hands and stand up to the man. What starts as a playful, impish rebellion soon takes on a much darker tone when personal ambitions and agendas push the teens towards ever more dangerous methods.