David Tennant in ‘Criminal’. Picture: JOSE HARO/SUPPLIED
David Tennant in ‘Criminal’. Picture: JOSE HARO/SUPPLIED

Criminal — Netflix

Creators George Kay and Jim Field have taken the interrogation as the focus of this multicountry series, which juxtaposes the professional tensions behind the two-way mirror with the pressures to get answers from those in front of it. With four series, each with three episodes set in the UK, Germany, France and Spain, it’s an engaging and tense drama about secrets, lies and the lengths we go to protect ourselves from uncomfortable truths.

Transparent: The Musical Finale — Amazon Prime Video

For five years it seemed that Jill Soloway’s dysfunctional comedy series ruled the roost. That was until allegations of sexual misconduct against its star, Jeffrey Tambor, placed everything in jeopardy. Now LA’s most difficult and endearing 21st century family, the Pfeffermans, return for one last episode in an exuberant, all-singing, hugely entertaining finale to remind us why Transparent is still one of television’s recent, most entertaining and pertinent shows.

In The Shadow of the Moon — Netflix

Narcos’ Boyd Holbrook and Dexter’s Michael C Hall star in this genre-bending film noir in which a pair of detectives tracks a mysterious killer who only surfaces every nine years. Blending thriller with sci-fi and action, it’s an intriguing and original idea that delivers plenty of head-scratching twists.

PEN15 — Showmax

You have to suspend disbelief for this gross-out coming-of-age series starring adult actresses playing 13-year-olds and set in the days of dial-up and brick-sized mobile phones. Once you do, there are lots of uncomfortable laughs and yucky moments and there’s even awkwardly relatable fun to be had. It’s not for the kids but rather a cringeworthy reminder for all of us of how not so fun our teenage years really were.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie — Netflix

Zach Galafianakis takes his cult web show on the road in this endearing oddball tale of a comedian named Zach Galafianakis trying to break beyond the boundaries of internet fame into television. Featuring left-of-field, cringe-inducing interviews with celebrities from Matthew McConaughey to Keanu Reeves and Tiffany Haddish, it’s a silly but easy to enjoy piece of uncomfortable comedy.