According to Netflix, 'Stranger Things' has broken Netflix viewing records with the global launch of its third season. Picture: SUPPLIED/IMDB
According to Netflix, 'Stranger Things' has broken Netflix viewing records with the global launch of its third season. Picture: SUPPLIED/IMDB

Stranger Things Season 3 — Netflix

The small-town gang of supernatural youngsters fighting the evil demons from the Upside Down are back. This time, though, they’re going through the changes of puberty and young love and rebellion. It may not warrant another outing of ’80s nostalgia-based adventure but the Duffer Brothers’ series delivers plenty of tongue-in-cheek references and familiar nods to its Spielberg roots for this third outing in which, once again, things are not quite as they seem and there’s even some cheesy Russian cold war shenanigans thrown in for good measure.

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 — Showmax

The much acclaimed series by comic geeks Marvel continues exploring the adventures of Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, the two teens from vastly different backgrounds thrown together by their recently acquired superpowers and their burgeoning feelings for each other. They’ll have to negotiate teen love and saving the world as they continue to make for one of the more engaging and well-matched pairs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Euphoria — Showmax

HBO’s adaptation of an Israeli series about jaded teens seeking refuge in drugs, sex and violence from the age of climate change, Donald Trump and the coming end of the world stars actress Zendaya as a troubled, just out of rehab teen. It’s dark and unrelenting and not very joyful but it has all the elements that have made similar jaded teen tales such as Skins and the early novels of Bret Easton Ellis such fascinating fodder for the exploration of that difficult space between the end of youth and the beginning of the rest of life.

Gentleman Jack — Showmax

A period tale set in 1832 and based on a true story, this is the tale of landowner Anne Lister, who is determined to bring some bling back into the fading heritage of her ancestral home through the tried and trusted practice of marrying well. The only problem is Anne isn’t about to marry a man — she’s a lesbian and she’s found a young heiress. A bit of history with a difference is always welcome and this show delivers plenty to enjoy and is created by Sally Wainwright, the woman behind the hugely successful and acclaimed Happy Valley.

Dope Season 3 — Netflix

Netflix’s docuseries about the war on drugs told from the perspective of the dealers and slingers continues its successful run in its third season, exposing the huge gulf between top-down approaches to the problem and the realities of those on the streets who find new and inventive ways to ensure that they continue their very successful business by whatever means necessary.