Showmax’s Chernobyl unfurls the story of the world’s most famous nuclear disaster. Picture: SUPPLIED/IMDB
Showmax’s Chernobyl unfurls the story of the world’s most famous nuclear disaster. Picture: SUPPLIED/IMDB

Chernobyl — Showmax

If you haven’t been watching IMDB’s highest-rated TV series, now you can binge watch the tense and dramatically intriguing story of the world’s most famous nuclear disaster. Focusing on the behind-the-scenes intrigue of the management of the disaster, it’s a gripping and faithfully executed picture of life in the last days of the Soviet Union that has plenty of resonance for the present day — particularly in SA, where nuclear power is supposedly our last, great hope to fix our energy crisis.

Family Business — Netflix

This lightweight but hard not to be charmed by French comedy series focuses on a Jewish family in Paris who, after the death of their mother, must try to keep things together. When their family butcher shop faces the hardships of a changing city and clientele, the family decide to branch out and try their hands at dealing weed. Over six episodes we watch as they learn the ropes of their new trade, deal with the uncertainty of coming legalisation and end up learning new lessons about themselves that will help them to overcome all the challenges they face.

Tales of the City, More Tales of the City, Further Tales of the City — Netflix

Following on from the successful and timeous reboot of the television adaptation of Armistead Maupin’s touching and comic series of novels of LGBTQI life in San Francisco, Netflix has now made the original three series made in the ‘90s and early 2000s available to stream. If you love the new series, here is the backstory, with several of the actors and characters from the new show in their original incarnations. If you haven’t seen the reboot, start here, as it’ll make your viewing experience richer and more attuned to some of the references to the originals.

The Last Czars — Netflix

For the first years of the 20th century, Russia’s ruling Romanov family were the most powerful and wealthy dynasty in the world. That was until the Bolsheviks wiped them out during the 1917 Revolution. This series tells their story, mixing razzle-dazzle re-enactments with documentary commentary from some of the world’s leading historians to tell a tragic tale of the hubris and arrogance that led to their downfall.

Power: Season 5 — Showmax

James “Ghost” St Patrick returns to the streets in an effort to balance his search for legitimacy with his gangster origins. Starz’s 50 Cent-produced series continues to weave a satisfying web of intrigue and soap opera-style backstabbing that will keep fans hooked.